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BM Iconic Award-Women of the year-2022

Say’s DR. Ramya Viswanathan

An awful moment to express my feelings into words. Nevertheless, I am very glad to deliver my thoughts about momentous occasions in my life. I am delighted and honoured to receive the BM Iconic Award for Women of the year – 2022. I am deeply honoured for this recognition and motivation in my uphill battle. I am privileged to thank Dr.Vasundra Thiagarajan (Director BM Hospital) for presenting this award.

On this special occasion I take this opportunity to share that Paytax Enterprises had achieved 1300 new customers only during the pandemic period.

My special thanks to Dr.Hemamalini Rajinikanth for contributing my support to the cancer survivors (Turn India Pink).

Good Day!

BM Iconic Award-Women of the year-2022


Pay Tax Enterprises Awards

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to have been selected to receive the “Diamond Star award” .Thank you all so much for being here to share on this occasion. I am so honored to have my work recognized in this way by the Diamond star 2022 award program! Many hours went into putting our customer’s needs decisively in front consistently for which award is being given, and it means so much to me that the work that I am so passionate about also resonates with others.
This accomplishment is not something that I did alone, and many others deserve to share in this award.
First off I would like to thank all my customers, as well as those who provided financial or emotional support and education or expertise along the way.
I would also like to thank my better half and partner Mr. Viswanathan-CA,FMA my beloved family, and my friend Mr.Sivaramu for their love and support throughout my business and progress.
Last, but not least, my special thanks to my mentor and extended family members Dr. Rajnikanth and Dr.Hemamalini Rajnikanth.
I will continue my efforts to achieve my goals in different verticals and look forward to the desired outcome, such as bringing about positive changes in the Taxation and administration field or creating
innovative solutions for many years to come. I am humbled and appreciative.
Thank you all and Good Day!

Diamond Star Award - 2022

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